Virtual music festival 2020

Dwango is Co., Ltd. is a telecommunications and media company based in Japan and they are planning to do the virtual music festival from April 18 to 19th in Chiba, Japan. Today they started to sell tickets for the event so if you are planning to visit Japan during the time, you must check out! More than 40 vtubers will attend for this event and it will be lit!

This game party Japan is the 9th time they do this time, 闘会議 6 times and they will reproduce each genre such as歌ってみた」「踊ってみた」「ボーカロイド」on niconico in reality.

As for vtubers,  -VTuber Fes Japan- is specially designed for vtubers and they will do the event 2 days in a row. Before the festival starts, there is DJ time and virtual DJ will play the music. From 12pm, vtubers will perform for 2 hours.

Ticket is on sale for ¥6,000 (60USD) and you can purchase from their official website (in Japanese). On top of the festival ticket, you will need other ticket to get in the other event such as game party Japan and 闘会議.

Event Details

<ニコニコ超会議2020 Supported by NTT>
・Date:2020, 4, 18, Saturday 10 am – 6pm、19th Sunday 10am – 5pm

・Place:Makuhari Messe
・Ticket:Regular ticket【for 2 days】¥3500/【for one day】pre sale -¥2000/【foe one day】sale – ¥2500、priority ticket(「niconico premium member」pre sale)【for 2 days】¥5500/【for one day】¥3000
*under 6 years old free

・Date:2020,4,18, Saturday 10am – 6 pm. 19th Sunday 10am – 5pm
・Place:Makuhari Messe
・Ticket:「ニコニコ超会議2020」Same as above
*under 6 years old free

Official Website

ニコニコ超会議2020 公式サイト
ニコニコ超会議2020 Twitter

闘会議2020 公式サイト
闘会議公式twitter アカウント


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