【2018】Top 10 VTubers

①Kizuna Ai : 2,178,244 subscribers

She is one of the first virtual YouTuber and the most popular VTuber. She mainly posts vlog videos in this channel.

Her popularity increased significantly after a Let’s Play video of her playing INSIDE was shared on the anime-focused Facebook page IGON.

Also she is the ambassador for one of JNTO‘s Japanese tourism campaigns, Kizuna AI Come to Japan!.

Visit her channel from here.

②Kizuna Ai Games: 1,055,458 subscribers

Her gaming channel is also sick! Check it out

③輝夜月 Kaguya Luna : 828,111 subscribers

The number of registrants exceeded 100,000 people in just two weeks after opening the channel.

She mainly posts vlog, gaming and one man live.

You can visit her channel from here 

④Mirai Akari : 667,578 subscribers

Official illustrator is Mr. KEI who designed Hatsune Miku.

On March 16, 2018, his official website was opened in commemoration of more than 500,000 YouTube channel subscribers.

Check her channel here

⑤Siro : 545,706 subscribers

Siro is one of the most honest and calm Virtual Youtuber. She is also funny in her videos. She loves to dance and talk tenderly in her videos. She loves belugas a lot.

She mainly posts gaming videos.

Check her youtube here

⑥Nekomiya Hinata : 386,832 subscribers

Nekomiya Hinata loves playing video games, especially FPS games and her skill is pretty good.

some viewers refuse to accept that a woman can be as good as Hinata in FPS games and have begun calling her “cheater cat”, even though no evidence of her cheating has been provided. Some of Hinata’s fans have found the nickname amusing and started using it as well.

Check her gaming skill here

⑦Tsukino Mito : 268,455 subscribers

She is a well-dressed and well-spoken 16-year-old high school “iinchou” (class president). And she is in the “JK gumi” (high school girl gang) along with Shizuka Rin and Higuchi Kaede.

As of mid-2018 she is one of the most popular livestreamers; some streams attract tens of thousands of viewers, and Superchat donations have exceeded the equivalent of $20,000 USD in some streams.

Check her YouTube here

⑧Virtual channel : 265,033 subscribers

Check YouTube channel here

⑨ Moemi & Yomemi Channel : 261,158 subscribers

On 11 August 2018 she evolved into a 3D model. She is a part of Eilene and Moemi’s YouTube channel project.

She posts vlog videos a lot. Check her vlog here!

⑩ Tokino Sora : 184,116 subscribers

She was debuted on September 7, 2017. During the May 3rd 2018 livestream, she unveiled a new design, with blue eyes.

She does live stream, review, vlog, singing and etc.

Just check her channel here she’s pretty good!

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