Introducing brand new VTubers!

①Kise Mako (黄瀬まこ)

She was designed by Kokudo 12gou and other than YouTube channel, she’ll do live stream, vlog, artist, invest and so on.

Her dream is to be an investor.

②Himetsuru Sayuki (姫鶴紗雪)

She was designed as a high school girl with catchy Japanese sword by popular illustrator Mr Tiv. She debuted on September 28th on live stream and she nailed it.

③Kronos (クロノス)

He specialized in gaming channel with slow kansai dialect. He is in the agency called AnLOx. Video will be uploaded once a week and 1-2 times a week for live stream.

④Hiiro Sumomo (緋色すもも)

She is marketing ambassador for the nee game called HOUSE OF THE DEAD ~SCARLET DAWN~from SEGA.

Well, don’t judge a book by its cover. Trust me, go to her channel and play one video, you won’t regret when you hear her voice.


They’re VTuber group motif as a character from old stories of Japan. They are singer and illustrator.

Since they’re pretty new, YouTube account is still getting ready but the top is the link for they’re Twitter account.

⑥Amamiya Monaka (天宮もなか)

She was designed as a high school girl who’s dreaming to be an idol and learning about music, dance and entertainment industry.

Not only gaming videos and live streams, but also singing as well. FYI, she’s good at peering apple skin but that doesn’t mean she’s good at cooking.. charming right

⑦Kaminari Ai (カミナリアイ)

She’s from popular anime Yatterman and she’s the #2 Yatterman Kaminari Ai.

Of course gaming channel and she said that she wants to try Tik Tok too!

Also there’s another guy coming soon…

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