BBC featured VTuber

BBC (British broadcast corporation) is a British public service broadcaster. On October 3rd, they posted an feature article about VTuber. The title of the article is “The virtual vloggers taking over YouTube” and Kizuna Ai is the thumbnail of course.

It’s basically about the history of VTuber, fan community and how influential they are.

They interviewed the person who’s in charge of VTuber in YouTube and said that VTuber trend began since the end of 2017 and keep growing. Views will be 4 times more than the last year.

Article is mainly about Kizuna Ai such as the fact that she became ambassador of JNTO, but don’t worry there are also story about Nekomiya Hinata, Yamato Ami and more.

Business perspective about VTuber is also included, such as investment of GREE.

Also in the article, they interviewed motion capture system called IKinema Orion from HTC Vive. CEO Alexandre Pechev said that there’s a lot of demand in Japan and there’s also tens of people working on virtual avatar using their brand in Japan.

As for fan community, people talk about VTuber’s attraction on Reddit or Wikia. VTubers are not real human being, but there’s something about it, like something real human don’t have.

The whole VTuber thing has just started about a year ago, but it’s amazing how fast VTuber became so popular and trend now and even BBC is talking and featuring about it.

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