VTuber and sponsorship

VTuber is the Japan’s latest thing and there are a lot of VTubers out there nowadays, but Nekomiya Hinata is growing very rapidly as a VTuber channel.

Usually it’s not easy to get a sponsorship not only as YouTuber but also VTuber because obviously first you have to have a legit channel base (grow subscribers and build a legit channel).

However surprisingly, even though Nekomiya Hinata started YouTube just 7 month ago, now has 397K subscribers and she got business proposal after posted 5th video on her channel.

It all started when she made a video about popular battle royal game called PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

In contrast with her voice and looks, she actually plays pretty well and viewers started to look up to her and now she’s one of the popular VTuber.

Thanks to the video above, she was succeed to gather large amount of subscribers. Here’s the first sponsorship video that she did.

At the time she posted sponsored video, she had 200K subs. That means she gathered 200K subs in a month. Wow.

FYI her competitor Siro was also sponsored from the same company.


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