Vtuber’s future possibility

VTuber has been the trend of 2018 and keep growing more and more.

There are lots of companies and even local government are using virtual youtuber as PR character.

Kizuna Ai started activate as VTuber on 2016 and she has been posting various genre of videos on YouTube almost every day. Recording, editing, posting a video is not as easy as it sounds. Now she has over 2 million subscribers and getting on the right track.

And companies and local government found it going viral and now Ibaraki prefecture decided to use VTuber named Ibakira Hiyori as a poster girl since this August for the first time in this local government industry.

This local government official YouTube channel has 89K subscribers, and she posted 7 videos so far and getting more view and she has contributed to advertising Ibaraki prefecture successfully so far, thus local government is happy about the decision they made to followed the trend and used VTuber as a poster girl.

Another company called Rohto phermace utical from Osaka started official YouTube channel with original VTuber named Nebasei Kokoro.

Her name is from their company motto “NEVER SAY NEVER” and mainly posting a video regarding their products.

Their purpose is to let more younger people especially but people in general know about their products.

She posts about once a week about useful health information with her charming body language and voice.

There will be a lot more companies using VTuber as champaign model and there are lots of interesing VTuber out these you might wanna check out!

Keep your eyes on VTubers!

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