Everything you need to know about VTuber phenomenon

Virtual youtuber, who does an inluencer activity as computer graphics character, is expanding its scale rapidly since the beginning of this year. In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about Japan’s virtual youtuber phenomenon.

Here’s the video about virtual youtuber market in Japan. It includes an interview with people who involved into this VTuber phenomenon.

Mr Nagai explains virtual youtuber is like hybrid. It’s in between human and character because it is avatar but there’s human soul in it and these individual virtual character have their own life, values and human relations, so that viewers are watching their life.

In addition, virtual youtuber used to be typical anime themed picture perfect character, but there are lots of different kinds of unique vtuber these days.

He also states that vtuber is not only just an idol, but also an entertainer in general.

Some of them sing, play game, vlog and more. They even collaborate with each other.

He also indicate that virtual world should be more expand. There’s this our reality, and then virtual reality.

It’s interesting the way he said “in the near future, each individual will have each virtual character and even if you die, there will be your virtual character on your grave.

Lots of people say that this whole vtuber phenomenon was started because of Kizuna Ai.

And he said that that is because these people who are into anime or manga felt like it was like a dream to see your favorite character is in the same dimension as you.

Mr LOSERBAIT explains that the reason why lots of people started to do vtuber is because they can do lots of different kind of fun activities to entertain viewers as an anonymous character and viewers are only interested in the character not the real person behind it.

And vtuber became more and more expanded… came outside of internet..

In the event like this, people can actually communicate with the character which is unbelievable and insane.

And in the video I put above, you can actually see the interview with Kizuna Ai.

There’s a lot more contents in the video, you should check it out!

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