VTuber case study

Virtual YouTuber, some of them start as a poster girl, others just start as official youtuber. It depends on how companies want to use their character, let’s take a look at how vtubers are used in our everyday life.


Her name is WEATHEROID Type A Airi. She was debuted on 2012 as a wether girl. She also started her YouTube channel on this May and posting videos related to weather and collaborating with other vtubers.

As a vtuber, her name appears  WEATHEROID Type A Airi (Ponko). Ponko is a nickname made by her fans and she started to use that nickname to show appreciation for her fans.

Chukyo TV

Otsuta El was co-production by Idea cloud inc and Chukyo TV broadcasting.

She was created to be the main official anchor on 20th Asia e-sports festival. She is the first vtuber belong to TV broadcasting company and people are counting on her.


Ibaraki prefecture’s Official YouTube channel is using vtuber as a main anchor. Her name is Ibakira Hiyori, this was the first time actually local government used virtual character as a poster girl.

She’s posting a video about everything about Ibaraki prefecture.

There are a lot more examples and cases how vtubers are used for advertisement purpose.

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