2018 google keyword ranking


It’s hard to believe how time flies and we are about to greet the new year.
Google published this year’s keyword ranking and surprisingly the word “Virtual youtuber” was in the category “how to” in Japan. Virtual YouTuber started to trending since December 2017 and slowly they got trending over the past year.

I actually tried to search “how to create virtual youtuber” and top search result was “how to create virtual character”, “what is vtuber” or how to broadcast, al of them were something related to “how to”.

And there are lots of affordable tools to start creating virtual characters these days, so it is very easy for us to start and follow the trend.

Below is the few links of affordable / free software and how to articles. (In Japanese)

くろば・Uが実演! 3D制作知識ゼロから始める「VRoid」モデル製作


スマホ1つで3Dアバター配信ができる「SHOWROOM V」使い方を徹底紹介!

スマホで簡単にVTuberデビューできる「REALITY Avatar」、使い方徹底解説!

Also the word “Virtual YouTuber” won the award this year for Yahoo Japan searching award. Virtual Youtuber is keep growing more and more audience and can’t take our eye’s off!


Vtuber ( Virtual Youtuber) Office 「Animel Studio」

Not only we give you production and operation,
but we also support your character to get proposals and collaborative videos many years ahead.