the most viral word 100 on internet 2018

The most viral word award 100 for this year was held on the 14th on this month sponsored by Nikoniko Daihyakka and Pukushibu hyakkajiten.

First viral word was the popular Japanese anime “Pop Term Epic” and “virtual youtuber” was second viral word for this year.

Also SIRO channel was ranked in the 5th and Mito Tsukino was ranked in the 7th.

There are few more VTubers are ranked such as Kizuna Ai in 18th, Luna Kaguya in 29th, Miraiakari in 49th, Nora Cat in 61th.

We can tell that this year was definitely the year of VTuber!

Baacharu, Mito Tsukino and Siro channel were attended in the award ceremony and Mito Tsukino said in the speech about how this year changed her and it was a huge surprise that she has wikipedia page now.

It is very exciting to see how vtuber will be next year!

Best wishes for the holidays and new year!


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