VTuber’s future possibilities

Happy new year!! Best wishes for a successful and rewarding year for everybody.

As we mentioned about the viral words for 2018 on last post, #1 viral words was virtual youtuber and got people’s attention.

Obviously the most popular vtuber is Kizunaai who is active since 2016 and now has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube .

On the other hand, people argue about her appearance on internet.  Some of them say that she’s too sexual and is misogyny.

Virtual youtubers got both good and bad attention in 2018.

And here is the interview with Mr. Kateshi, the ceo of upd8 inc.

– What triggered vtubers to be the viral words for 2018?

Vtuber phenomenon started with creator’s self expression not for business in the first place back in 2016. And this year finally they were successes to be involve with business and vtubers started to exposed in the media more and more.

And then people started to see the possibilities in this industry and it went viral.

– How people reacted to the vtuber phenomenon this year?

Since vtuber got more and more attention from lots of people not only fans but also the general public, there is a variety of opinion towards them.

But we are very optimistic and open to negative opinions because we believe that that’s part of process of being popular. Another thing we learned from negative opinion is that we were trying so hard for Kizuna Ai to be more on TV to get more attention from different kinds of viewer but we realized that Kizuna Ai needs more experience as a TV personality.

-What is the difference between other anime characters and Kizuna Ai?

The difference is VTuber character can change the outfit, the way they talk while others can’t and they’re just like human celebrities but virtual.

In 2018, vtubers expanded to work in different kind of platforms, so they’ll have more opportunities next year.

-What is the new opportunity for 2019?

Kizuna Ai tried TV personality and voice actor for the first time last year, so this year, maybe she’ll try being actress in anime series or something.

For example, same body but play a different role like every other actors. Only difference is just inhuman body or virtual body.

There are lots of possibilities in this industry and can’t wait to see vtubers on global stage.


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