Top 5 funny gaming Vtubers

Virtual Youtuber has been a huge phenomenon all around the world.

There are many different kinds of vtubers out there, but today I’d like to share top 5 gaming vtuber channel with you.

Game club project – 297,788 subscribers

They were formed as high school club group. Not only specialized in gaming content, but also collab video with other vtubers for fun.

Sana Channel – 126,908 subscribers

She has gained momentum and ranked in top 5 in vtuber ranking 2018.

The video below is the one she is being the most otaku.. check it out

Kagura Suzu – 43,240 subscribers

She is one of the member of “idol club” produced by the horse virtual youtuber ばあちゃる. She plays not only a maniac video games but also classic popular games for consumers such as animal crossing: wild world and mario party series.

Yuika Shiina – 77,464 subscribers

She is known for unique characteristic and people say she has difficult personality as a joke.

And she does various different kinds of live gaming videos such as super smash bros, mario party series, dragon warrior and so on.

Inside chan – 7,355 subscribers

She is known for virtual reporter and caster. She is existed since 2014 as official character of “inside”, but debuted as a group vtuber with her sisters「Mark1」and「Mark2」last year.

She does not only gaming videos, but also collab videos with other vtubers and videos that audience can participate.



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