○○% of VTubers are quitting?! [FACT]

Apparently there are lots of people starting vtuber channel out there, but lots of people quitting after starting out at the same time. We see whole different kinds of app and software that you can start creating your own character easily nowadays, so easy for people to start, but a lot of people are giving up before they’re even trying professionally.

VTuber management announced that top 3% of vtubers are managed by company, which means it is very hard for individual vtubers who are not managed by a company because it’s not just about being funny or cute on screen but also being consistency and having strategic management.

According to one YouTuber’s video about researching how many vtubers are quitting since August 2018 to December, surprisingly more than 36% of them are quitting after starting and trying for few months.

Views are soaring when you look at big name vtubers such as Kizuna Ai, but when you look at it by sorting lower views, you’ll see lots of vtubers who doesn’t even have hundreds column. After all, companies are beating individual accounts and there’s no space for them to go viral. That being said, vtuber is becoming businessy and commercial content not just simply creating a fun cute character on YouTube.

Yes, it’s trending and people are starting out new channel everyday, but there’s definitely competition.

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