VTuber ranking in China from Bilibili

Here’s brand new virtual youtuber ranking in China from the popular platform Bilibili!

Surprisingly there are some vtubers that has more viewers than in Japan such as Shirakami Fubuki and Kagura Mea. Also there are lots of vtubers starting on bilibili instead of YouTube to get more fans and viewers specifically around China. Vtuber phenomenon get real..

1 Kizuna Ai 78K
2 Nekomiya Hinata 27K
3 Shirakami Fubuki 17K
4 Kaguya Luna 17万K
5 Kagura Mia 13K
6 Yomemi 12K
7 Tanaka Hime・Suzuki Hina 11K
8 Mirai Akari 9K
9 Overidea 9K
10 Tokino Sora 6K
11 Minato Aqua 6K
12 Natsumi Moe 6K
13 Akai Haato 4K
14 Revdol 4K
15 Natsuiro Maturi 4K

Additionally Cover Inc who run the service Hololive officially signed a contract to work and expand their business together. Hololive already made their official channel on bilibili and ready to do vtuber business in China with them.

Basically they will have 15 different channels since they have 15 different vtubers working for Hololive, and they’ll add Chinese subtitle, do live video on both bilibili and YouTube, also they can even accept money from their viewers on Bilibili.

The reason Hololive decided to go to Chinese market is because Shirakami Fubuki got more subscribers on Bilibili than on YouTube.

Moreover, GREE, which run same vtuber business also started to work with Bilibili last year. It might be a smart idea to start vtuber business in China at earlier phase?


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