Kizuna Ai is going nowhere but UP

We all know that Kizuna Ai is the most popular VTuber and she is one of the most influential vtuber ever.

As the title says, Kizuna Ai is going nowhere but up. Ever since she started YouTube, her managing team is controlling and managing her very well.

We  wrote an article at the very beginning of this year about good news about her and now she got another business deal / collab with this huge food company called BOURBON.

The product is rice cracker with cheese which is well known small snack in Japan. This product is only available on online store from 1/28 exclusively in Japan.

From 2/5 you can get it at local store such as convenience  store.

She sing, does tv host and of course YouTube. Obviously this is not the first collaboration product that she produced and looking forward to see more of her work!


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