Analyzing VTuber who gained followers the most this week

There are more than 7000 active virtual YouTubers in Japan and in this article we will pick one vtuber who gained twitter followers the most in past two weeks and analyze how and why he/she gained followers.

People call them virtual “youtuber” but platform is not only on YouTube and some of them doesn’t even do YouTube at all but Twitter or both. Let’s take a look at the two weeks graph of those who debuted and gained enormous twitter followers from December 29- January 11. (attached picture in Japanese)

During this week, you can see the obvious difference on top who gained almost 3000 followers more than 2nd rank. She debuted on December 31st named Pinky Pop Hepburn (PPH)


YouTube channel

Let’s talk more about PPH. As we already mentioned, she was debuted on the new years eve and was designed by Mika Pikazo which is same as Kaguya Luna. She gained 10K just in one day and now she has 130K on YouTube, 65K on Twitter.

When you look at her followers, it seems like most of them also follow popular ones which is Kizuna Ai, Kaguya Luna, SHIRO and so on. So basically her followers are already a fan of vtubers and looking forward for her debut and to see the brand new vtuber star.

It all started when 2 biggest vtuber new years eve event called “Virtual New Years Eve” and “Count 0” was held.

Other vtuber who went viral because of these event is 夢咲楓 (Kaede Yumesaki) who now has 334K subscribers on YouTube.

Kaf , who debuted on October last year, is another vtuber who went viral because of the event Count 0. She has different vibe than other vtubers and has very interesting “new” theme. Also she posts picture of herself with real life background on her instagram so check that out too!


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