Livestream with 4 popular vtubers!

AbemaTV and OPENREC is live streaming “virtual music festival” with Azuma Lim channelMari ChannelTenjin KotoneSoraCh. on February 9th at 7pm JST.

To tell you just little bit of information of these four vtubers…

Azuma Lim is a Female Japanese Virtual Youtuber who debuted on March 1, 2018, has 175K subscribers on YouTube and mainly posts random videos like vlogs.

Mari Channel is specialized in singing, gaming and loves anime. She gathered 116K subscribers.

Tenjin Kotone lives in Kyoto and loves manga, anime and music. She speaks with Osaka accent in her gaming and singing videos.

Tokino Sora is a Female Japanese Virtual YouTuber who debuted on September 7, 2017, which is one of the oldest vtuber and loves singing, dancing and gaming. 216K subscribers.

It would be very excited to see these four popular vtubers combined together in one screen.

They were doing cloud funding since last September to make more this event bigger and gorgeous on and gathered double price, which is total amount of close to $100,000.

They recommend to watch this live stream with VR since it gives you more realistic feeling, but that’s only if you have privilege.

VR live streaming is only available for the first 300 investor as a special gift, but they have regular mode for the naked eyes and either way, it would be very exciting live streaming for sure.

Not sure if we can watch from overseas, but below is the link for live streaming.


Since it’s close to valentines day, this show will be valentine theme. Stay tuned!

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