Who is virtual artist “IA”?

There is definitely virtual character phenomenon in Japan since past few years and we see so many of them not only on internet but in real life!

On January 21st, Monogokoro Inc introduced virtual character called “IA” as collaboration with Kimono dressed human looking virtual assistant named Akane.

Akane is a virtual assistant character installed at Ueno station in Tokyo to guide people.

IA is a virtual artist who has an ability to sign very well and perform like an idol. She was activated back in 2012, released 7 albums and 5 digital songs.

Virtual assistant is an interactive digital signage display combined skills with language, CG character technology, speech technology and hardware know-how.

You can see life size virtual character on screen and you can ask questions by speaking out loud to the screen. She is capable to analyze what people are asking and understand and answer their question with her voice and full body language on the screen.

Additionally, on last AI EXPO, they were doing experiment to see character’s capability of emotional and verbal reaction based on audience’s emotion.

Since she is a singer and does live concert in front of lots of people, this would be very useful technology for her in order to enhance her capability and quality.


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