First virtual character to be the face of AGEHA!

The very first virtual talent to be the face of popular Japanese magazine “koakuma AGEHA” is Kujo Ringo!

Koakuma Ageha is a gyaru fashion and lifestyle magazine published monthly in Japan. Targeted at females in their late teens and 20s, Koakuma Ageha caters to the styles of Agejo and hime-gyaru which is very “Japanese” style.

Who is Kujo Ringo?

She is half vampire and half human and has red eyeshadow mysterious vibe. She was debuted about a month ago and started YouTube channel a week ago. And right now she is mostly active on Twitter, but will start uploading more and more vlog related videos from now on.

She is sadism and likes to tease boys but don’t like ghost.

Official YouTube channel >> CLICK

Official Twitter account >> CLICK

In the magazine, they answer bunch of questions about her with Q&A style so that the readers can get to know her deeply.

She also does online live streaming SHOWROOM and getting more and more business proposals like magazine, tv and radio. By the way, she earned the most points last month on SHOWROOM and placed #1 popular vtuber of the month.

Also she is a member of AVATAR 2.0

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