Children of virtual talent: Date Ayano

Kyoko Date is a “virtual idol” associated with Horipro. She made her debut in 1996 as a 3D CG character. Despite her virtual nature, she was treated as talent by Horipro. And her daughter, Date Ayano started her career as YouTuber.

Horipro started found raising on Makuake on last November and successfully raised all funds, so Ayano is finally starting YouTube channel as vtuber.

Ayanon Channel


20 years ago, CEO of Horipro created virtual talent “Kyoko Date” and obviously she stopped her career long time ago, but inspired by recent virtual youtuber trend, people started to talk about her as she is the beginning of virtual talent and creators started to think about re-activate her career or create a new one instead.

After all, Kyoko is not interested anymore, so her high school daughter Ayano started her career instead.

When Kyoko was active, she only had limited access to everything, but now that technology is way more advanced, she is unlimited access to lots of things that she needs in order to be success.


Her stylist is @fuka_hire

@fuka_hire has 140K followers and very good at drawing, designing game character and more.

Composer @udon_lov

@udon_lov has 1 million followers and he often provides copyright free music to popular YouTubers. They are working on creating new song together and releasing in summer.


Besides digital platform like YouTube, TikTok or Twitter, she is planning to do in person event such as fan meeting, so can’t take our eyes off from her!


Vtuber ( Virtual Youtuber) Office 「Animel Studio」

Not only we give you production and operation,
but we also support your character to get proposals and collaborative videos many years ahead.