Virtual singer youtuber is hot now!

Recently we see more and more virtual youtubers are featured on tv such as “NHK virtual singing contest” and “news zero”. This vtuber phenomenon is keep spreading not only on internet but also in our real life.

Let’s focus on virtual singer youtuber in this article and let’s get into it!

Mainly virtual singers are posting cover songs such as rock, anime songs, rap, jazz or english songs, but some of them are becoming more and more famous and starting to get recording deals.

For example, Tsukino Mito is not specialized in singing, but when she sang a song that her fans provided as a surprise, people were going crazy.

Also Kizuna Ai is known for vlog type of channel, but her original song “hello morning” is #1 on Amazon Japan.

Singing videos from virtual youtubers have lots of potential since other videos like vlogs, you have to watch all of it because it’s like tv show, but singing videos, everybody can just watch it and repeat it.

For example,when you look at HimeHina Channel and YuNi‘s channel sort by most popular videos, top three videos are singing videos and has 5 million views than other videos.

Recommended videos for beginner

She sings pretty much everything from old songs to new songs, so many people in all generation would love it!

She has different taste than other virtual singers and has very strong voice. She is friendly and easy to get along with, but when it comes to singing she doesn’t f*ck around.

People call her ballad diva and it does fits her character.

Her optimistic characteristic is reflected to the song and it cheer us up with her cute dance and high pitch voice.

She has chill vide and if you like acoustic music, she’s the one!

She is music passionate high school girl. With her sharp voice, she can sing all genre.

She ha typical anime girl vibe but also rock.

They can sing and dance. Idol vtuber is here!

She has mature attractiveness compare with other vtubers.

And of course, there are guys virtual singers too!

It’s all up to fans if they go to the next level or not. So if you support someone support with full support and see your favprite virtual youtubers go to the higher level.

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