Virtual Idol (provisional) is officially starting!

Virtual event platform “cluster” announced that the girls group they made called “virtual idol (provisional)”  is officially starting their career!

They have decided that they will do live streaming on cluster in May.

Cluster provided event place for virtual youtuber such as Luna Kaguya, and now they’re producing their own virtual idol and people are very excited.

Last night at pm on cluster, they were officially activated as a group and introduced themselves in the video.

Member is vocalist Itsuki Otori, Hana Maeda, dancer Kazami Mako.

Otori Itsuki (大鳥 一姫)

Debuted on December 2018

Personality: not socialized and stubborn

Like: singing, karaoke

Dislike: conversation

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Maeda Hana (前田花奈)

Debuted on January 2019

Personality: cheerful and hardworker

Like: snack, walk, friends

Dislike: study

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Kazami Mako (風見舞子)

Will debut on February 2019

Personality: shy but she goes crazy when she dance

Like: talk, dance

Dislike: insects

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