Unique virtual youtuber “Misoshita”

Misoshita is one of a kind. He started hid career on March 2018 and is “poem core” virtual youtber. For those of you who doesn’t know him, just please listen his song, so that you’ll understand what “poem core” mean.

There are approximately more than 6000 vtubers out there and he was one of the fastest vtuber to release first album and perform solo concert. And he will release 2nd album called “we are virtual” in two months!

Album include songs with world’s end girlfriend ・DE DE MOUSE  ・Serph ・Yamato Kasai from Mili ・takuto from about tess ・arai tasuku ・Laxenanchaos.

After releasing his 2nd album, he will be touring major city like Osaka, Nagoya and Shibuya during summer.

About the title of the album, she said that

“Virtual is changing reality because think about it, I didn’t exist a year ago. People are starting to saying virtual youtubers are outdated but I need to show the world that we are virtual and we’re not done yet.” – Misoshita

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