Is she virtual or reality!?

We introduced new Japanese virtual model “imma” before on Japanese blog , and now there is a real human look-alike version of “imma” and other virtual character.

Her name is Saori Takayama and active on instagram and twitter has 16K followers. She basically posts pictures of herself trying to look like virtual models or anime characters and videos acting like android.

One of the picture she posted on February 16th  was shocking. Lots of followers are commenting that they’re confused and surprised.

This is the comparison of human Saori and virtual model Imma. Apparently they are the same person..

Her picture from Tokyo game show went viral on 2017 and ever since she is getting more and more attention on social media.

Twitter / Instagram

Another look alike picture from Saori is below.

Is is virtual character Saya. Can you even tell which one is real human? She posted this picture on Twitter and people were like “I’m sure you just popped out from screen that’s how much you look alike..”

This is the video of her acting like android

And again, Imma is such a beautiful creature looks like real human being..

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