The easiest way to create virtual character in 2019【app】

There are not only people interested in virtual youtubers but also people who wants to start vtubers and today I’d like to share about the easiest app to create character and go on live in 2019.

There are ways to start with the software 「Blender」,「Unity」,「Live2D・FaceRig」but it requires professional skill and very hard to start by your own. Softwares that I will introduce today is mostly popular in Japan, so you might want to check these out if its available in our country and English.


In this app, you will be able to customize character and go on live. So this is the fastest way to start vtuber in one app.

You can customize character’s face, outfit, body, color, originally and she’ll be high quality character.


Mirattiv is the live stream app and you can also make characters and let he/she go on live. So you can create, customize and livestream with just your smart phone.


You can create detail oriented character such as adjusting body parts, face parts and outfit color. And they have face recognition system so you can pretty much BE the character you created on the screen and go on live.


This is character customize and live stream app for creator. Popular vtuber use this app to go on live so this is well known app for livestream.


You can use your smartphone’s camera and go on live. They have new 3D conversion technology so you can be the character you created and viewers will be able to see your character 360 degree. You can customize background as well.
These are the apps to create, customize and go on live, but in the next article, I’ll be showing the apps specialized in live stream.

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