The easiest way to create virtual character in 2019【app】③

In the previous article, we introduced how to start vtuber with existing character, and in this 3rd one, we’ll teach you how to create character, add animation and with an app. Stay tuned!

Vkatsu – Create character and add an animation

This is vtuber support service from IVR inc. Theyhave variety of outfit choice, face, body and other material and you can make your own original character. Also you can add an animation to the character you madewith VR device in Vkatsu.

Custom ordermade 3D2 virtual avater studio – create character and add animation

This is the vtuber support system from an adult gaming PC app called “custom ordermade 3D2”. you can do motion trucking with HTC VIVE. Also customize an avatar, change facial expression and other body language with the VR controller and record.

Hitogata – create character and add an animation

By using front camera, you can add your own movement to the character not only face but also whole body you created. You can write out the animation you created with VMD file

VRoid Studio – create character

Vroid Studio is character making software for PC provided from  Pixiv inc. By using pen tablet, you can design a character’s hairstyle, eyelash and eyeball just by drawing. After, you’ll be able to write out with VRM file.

Cecil changing app – create character

This is original 3D avatar tool from vtuber named Cecil Suzuki. You can write out with VRM format for commercial use.

FaceVTuber – add an animation

No install necessary and you can add an animation mainly facial expression to your original character on web browser by using front camera.

3tene – add an animation

Animation creating software for PC. You can add an animation with front camera and also manga effect. With this software, you can add full body animation.


VRM – add an animation

This is smartphone app to add an animation. You ‘ll be able to control character’s body joint and change the pose easily. They have preset menu so you don’t have to do all the hard work if you don’t want to. And character will move his/her mouth automatically if you add voice.

Wakaru – add an animation

Animation software for PC. Same as others and you can add animation with front camera.

EVKI – add an animation

With this smartphone app, you can create a video with 2D character. You won’t be able to create a character, so use existed character and record.

Hololive – add an animation

Smartphone app provided by cover Inc. Same as others and you can add animation with front camera.

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