Detail of “mr. virtual is watching”‘s event

Dwang Inc is going to be held TV anime series “mr virtual is watching”s talk and live event called “so many mr virtual” on April 27th and 28th at Makuhari messe in Chiba. “mr virtual is watching” is comedy tv series that full of virtual youtuber act. In the tv show, there is special group called “virtual real” which is made up with popular vtuber Mirai Akari, SHIRO, Nekomiya Hinata, Tsukino Mito, Tanaka Hime and Suzuki Hina.

They and other popular vtubers will be at the event. In the event, they will perform their song “aigatarinai (lack of love), “marude gorilla” and harebare yukai” at the stage.

And only for this event, they will do special collaboration with irregular member such as 1. Mirai Akari x Shiro x Nekomiya Hinata 2. Tsukino Mito x Tanaka Hime x Suzuki Hina 3. Tokino Sora x Aoi Fujii 4. Tsukino Mito x Virtual Gorilla. Not only they will sing but also special performance with special exclusive member. You can only see this unique collaboration only at this event!

Regular ticket price: 5,000 JPY

VIP: 6,800 JPY

Official website of “mr virtual is watching” (Japanese) >> Website

Above is the full list of vtubers who will attend this event. You cannot miss this big vtuber event!

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