Introducing new virtual boys idol group!

Johnny’s.. the most Japanese thing in the world.. It’s the group of young guys who can sing and dance and now they have virtual version of Johonny’s. The reason why its called Johnny’s is because the guys who named Johnny started this guy idols business first.

Johonny’s entertainment and SHOWROOM inc is now collaborating to create guys virtual idol group and the project is called “Johnny’s×SHOWROOM Virtual johonny’s project (VJP)”.

海堂飛鳥 (Kaidou Asuka) and 苺谷星空( Ichigo Yakanata)was debuted as the very first project.

This is the picture from press conference on February 19th. CV is from one of the Johonny’s idol called Naniwa boys which is affiliated idol group of Kansai Johonny’s group 藤原丈一郎 (Fujiwara Joichiro) and 大橋和也 (Ohashi Kazuya).

In the press conference, CEO of SHOWROOM inc Yuji Maeda showed up and talked about the whole project.

Their concept is to create a brand new entertainment content with entertainment connection from Johonnys’ and IT management power from SHOWROOM inc. And the sequences of this project was Mr. Maeda agreed Johonny’s company philosophy, which is to”spread happiness and smile” and wanted to be the part of it, decided to do this project together.

He also stated in the press conference that the biggest characteristic of the live stream platform SHOWROOM is that viewer can feel like their in the actual concert venue because viewer and performer can communicate during the live stream. So until now, fans could only feel the concert vibe at the concert location but now johonny’s idols can expand more and more possibility.

HoneyWorks inc did the character design and concept since they have huge fanbase from young girls who likes Johonny’s idol groups.

In this project, not only our virtual idols become popular but also to build profitable relationship with Johnny’s says Mr Maeda. Also he hopes people to be more familiar with virtual world.

Two virtual idols performed dance, sing and introduced themselves at the end. Youc an check their videos here


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