Weekly Vtuber video ranking 【2/23-2/28】

Today I’d like to share top 10 viral virtual youtuber video ranking this week.

Dotchannel (2/25)

Her video is old gaming theme but surprisingly the character’s movement is very smooth. The voice is very soft and interesting narration.

Izumo Kasumi

They do story life tv shows, and in this episode 15 and 16, one of the character face life changing decision and it’s going viral. For those who never seen this season, you have to watch from the beginning, but if you know this story, this episode is must watch!

Matsuri Channel

The title is about revealing her life story and her mother is in the video for the first time and people like her because her personality is interesting and bold.

Main attraction  of this video is you get to see the real mother and daughter conversation which is very rare to see and also you can see the Matsuri’s  true personality because of her mother’s appearance.

Ushimaki Riko

Yep, the trending topic ASMR. and the quality is pretty decent and you’ll surprise. I do recommend to watch with visual first but without the second time.

Yozakura Tama

This video is about mah‐jongg, virtual youtuber collaborating with human. She plays the game with professional mah‐jongg player and is not scared at all. Please watch till the end..

Towa Kiseki

She just debuted and still trying to figure out what she will do on her channel and talks about random stuff. But her character makes us wanna support for some reason.. check her out!

Ray Wakana

This is comedy, very Japanese Anime style video. You don’t need to know the previous episode so easy to start. Editing, acting and story structure is well built, you must watch!

Kazamiya Matsuri

This is about prank and she basically asks her vtuber friend Inuyama Tamaki to loan her $2000 and see what she will do in the video. The amount is realistic and Tamaki was confusing, but her response is interesting. Go check her video now!

Kattorasu Channel

Her channel is about horror story telling and this one is about taxi driver. Visual and music is well matching with the story and you can tell she is trying to make viewer get into the scary theme with her voice. Must watch high quality video.

Azuma Lim Channel

This video is trending not only in Japan but also in entire Asia such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore. Original video has over half a million view and this copy dance and sing video is going viral again.


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