ZERO Project by vtuber zero

vtuber zero is a website for virtual youtuber news and they started a new project called “ZERO Project” In this project, they will do audition and help people to start, produce and manage new virtual youtubers.  Details below.

On the first project, they helped “Nijiiro Hirari” and “Himeta Mirai”. They were already debuted, but they gonna manage them and also doing another audition for new vtubers.

What is ZERO project?

By using v-tuber zero’s news platform, they plan, manage and support both new and old virtual youtubers. As of now, “Nijiiro Hirari” and “Himeta Mirai” are in this project and they will do live streaming on exclusive vtuber live stream platform called Colon:.

They will release the date later on their official website and twitter account, so stay tuned!

Also they’re doing another audition for brand new vtuber to help and support debut, and as for  this new vtuber named Lei (picture above), they are looking for her “soul” which is very interesting.

Details for audition here. Check this project out!

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but we also support your character to get proposals and collaborative videos many years ahead.