Weekly vtuber video ranking 【2/25-3/3】

This is weekly top 10 virtual youtuber’s view ranking from 2/25- 3/3.

From popular channel to beginner, you can see all the trending videos during past one week!

#10 Kizuna Ai (gaming)

– 【Resident Evil】Claire’s story! #FINAL Finally the last boss!… Wait what was that in the end…?

#9 Nijisanji

– Doing something with the number two and three since it’s March 3rd..

#8 Kizuna Ai

-【Urban Legend】Rumors of Kizuna AI being a freemason【Black Kizuna AI】

#7 Siina Yuika

-【minecraft】Got spot to build school

#6 Hinata Nekomiya


#5 Tsukino Mito

-First vtuber who has boyfriend

#4 Takamiya Rion


🌟#3 Kaguya Luna

-[Masterpiece] Go! Ebiemon

🌟#2 Domyoji Cocoa

-Singing Alien Alien

👑#1  Gaming project



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