【Trending Topic】Virtual Market vol. 2

Virtual Market is an online virtual exhibition and sale powered by virtual communication tool “VRChat” and was held on March 8th to 10th. They started this virtual event last year and people liked it and it was very successful so here it is vol. 2!

They were doing cloud funding last month and successfully achieved target amount and this vol. 2 came true. Virtual market 2: cloud funding

It looks like normal room but here’s the entrance.

As soon as you click the blue ball, you ‘ll go to…

There are stores in the virtual world and it looks just like a city.

You can purchase and see stuff here and experience the virtual world. You can check youtube videos about this experience below.


Vtuber ( Virtual Youtuber) Office 「Animel Studio」

Not only we give you production and operation,
but we also support your character to get proposals and collaborative videos many years ahead.