The very first vtuber movie director

Misoshita is poem core vtuber and now he is escalating his career as movie director. You can check his details here

His movie is called “virtual boy” and will exclusively show from April 5th to 11th at Human trust cinema Shibuya. The details about this movie is still remain mystery, and all we know is the phrase says on the poster “do you wanna change the world or just yourself”.

And from March 14th, you can find detailed posters about this movie at the theater so you might be able to fid “hint” about this movie.

The interesting thing is, screenwriting, editing, filming, music, directing, and all the other work were done by misoshita. How impressed is that.

Check out trailer

Also he is releasing 2nd album “We are Virtual” and now we have few more detailed info about it.

In this 2nd album , there are 10 songs

01. 光ノ終ワリ二
02. ダンシング イン ザ ダーク feat. Serph
03. 満天のパラレル feat. Yamato Kasai from Mili
04. 世は儚いが同じ時生きてる魂をレンダリングする者達 feat. world’s end girlfriend

05. Soul Flag feat. DE DE MOUSE
06. コールドナイトメア feat. arai tasuku
07. トラッシュペイン feat. takuto from about tess
08. Blazing feat. あらかじめ決められた恋人たちへ
09. Everybody has dirty night feat. Laxenanchaos

There is DVD attached in the album, and that is the movie he is releasing next month called “virtual boy”.

There are no similar vtuber like him and he is the future of virtual character who take over the world?!

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