Chinese virtual idol group

Virtual character is absolutely trending right now in 2019. People can literally have one virtual character each person on online nowadays. They are now on over the air TV i Japan and there are new “johnny’s” virtual boy idol group, and now chinese virtual idol group is in Japan!

They are called “Revdol” and they do live streaming, social networking, and interacting with fans through these platform like every other Japanese virtual youtubers.

The main reason why they came to Japan is because they are attending at AnimeJapan 2019 to promote their new song and music video. And also they’ll speak in Japanese for the first time so for those who are into Revdol can’t miss this event!

Revdol is made with five girls and each of them have unique character, appearance and name. By seeing their name you might noticed that some of them have Chinese name and others have Western name. That is because they are not going to stuck only in China, they wanna be active internationally.

On their website, they are doing vote and it says “you decide idol’s future”. Not only being their fans, but also YOU can be part of their idol journey. Check it out!

It is very impressive that a lot of new virtual characters are being activated every few days and no wonder why all those big investors and big companies are throwing huge amount of money into virtual world.

Revdol official website:

Revdol official twitter:


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