Let’s start vtuber only with your smartphone

Next system Inc instructed “VisionPose Single3D” which we can motion capture only with our smartphone. Check out demo below.

As you can see movement is very precise and smooth. Before this virtual youtuber phenomenon, we had to have many equipment and expertise and knowledge about how to create 3D character, but it’s very surprising that we can make 3D avatar with just one smartphone nowadays.

Before this technology, iPhoneX’s tracking camera using TrueDepth was trending, but new technology is not depending on depth sensor, so they capture the whole body with framework deep learning and it is more realistic and smooth than before.

This visionpose system series from next system inc is the system that detect bone framework and Skelton of our body. And the new version visionpose Single3D is part of it. It will be available to purchase from June, 2019.

VisionPose is not only to create virtual avatar, but also sport analytics and suspicious person detection for security camera as well. This system does not require to put tracker everywhere on your body, literally just install this system and use camera, and you’re ready to create or detect anything 3D!

So excited for more new technology to come!

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