The first virtual enrollment ceremony in Japan

An enrollment ceremony is not common here in the US, since people enroll to school at different time, but it is very common to have enrollment ceremony on the first year of school because everybody get into school at the same time once in a year in spring.

Usually it happens at school or some place like city hall to cerebrate and welcome new students with very formal vibes. And the high school named “N high school” did very first virtual enrollment ceremony on April 4th. Not all of them since there are about 4000 new student for this school, but students who actually experienced this new ceremony seemed had fun.

As you can see from the picture, students are wearing brand new student costume and sitting in the hall with virtual reality headsets.

Here is the screen they are seeing.

It was featured on the tv, and this brand new way to do the enrollment ceremony was going viral even on the internet. Those students who attended the ceremony and experienced VR could choose the theme from beach, nobel award ceremony venue or space. The ceremony was lasted about half an hour.


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