Weekly Vtuber Ranking【3/25-3/31】-engagement-

We’ll introduce weekly vtuber ranking top 10 by looking at engagement percentage.

Top 10 engagement ranking from March 25th to 31st

Oiyp Channel – 19K

Engagement percentage: 146.70%

Date published: 3/30/2019


Engagement percentage: 167.10%

Date published: 3/30/19

Choueki Tarou – 20K

Engagement percentage: 184.70%

Date published: 3/29

Lize Helesta – 31K

Engagement percentage: 193.30%

Date published: 3/28

caname and haruky – 31K

Engagement percentage: 217.70%

Date published: 3/26

Shibayama Azuki – 6.8K

Engagement percentage: 228.10%

Date published: 3/27

Ange Katrina – 31K

Engagement percentage: 228.70%

Date published: 3/25

Ruka channel – 20K

Engagement percentage: 240.50%

Date published: 3/28

Inui Toko – 32K

Engagement percentage: 244.70%

Date published: 3/25

👑①Superman Female Warrior Gully Banger V – 26K

Engagement percentage: 289.70%

Date published: 3/28

By looking at this ranking, subscribers count doesn’t really matter when it comes to engagment percentage. So when you pick youtubers for your influencer marketing campaign, it’s important not to only look at subscribers or followers count.

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