Weekly recommended vtuber videos【3/30-4/5】

From trending videos to unique one, we’ll introduce five must watch videos from virtual youtubers.

【360°】Selow (Wahyu) | Maya Putri Cover

She is a Indonesian vtuber named Maya and this video is about her singing  a song in Indonesian language. Not just that, this video is 360° video and you can see subtitle in English, Japanese and Indonesian. Recommended to watch on your smartphone.


This video has very unique, weird vibe compare with other ones. This video was uploaded on April fools day and mainly he’s talking. It’s 360°video so you’ll see joker everywhere.


She is an AI and has five different personalities. One of them dies and came back on April fools day as a surprise but ended up as a lie. It sounds like there’s a whole story that she offer, but this one short three minutes video is enough for you to understand, so check it out!

Living Doll To Virtual Girl

(前半)Re : 自分自身と向き合う放送





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