“Poem core” vtuber Misoshita is on Pornhub now..

Misoshita is known as “poem core” unique virtual youtuber who has two albums and just announced that his first movie at the theater in Japan. And he is now uploading videos on the huge popular porn website called “porn hub”.

He is definitely the most unique virtual youtuber out there and you cannot find someone like him.

After he uploaded his first video named “MISOSITA VIRTUAL PORNHUBER #01” on pornhub, he started to call himself “virtual pornhuber”

As you can see the picture below, it looks very surreal and psychedelic. There are bunch of porn magazine hanging on the tree in unique setting…

Sure enough, this video is not set as PG18 but still, the website “pornhub” itself is only for an adult, so this video is considered as an adult contents.

After releasing his first movie, now pornhuber. Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next.. I guess he is the kind of person who either you love or hate?

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