Vtubers are taking over billboard in Shibuya and Akihabara


SHOWROOM” started its service on 2013 and ever since, lots of users including idols and tv personalities are doing live streaming on SHOWROOM, and there are more and more people started using SHOWROOM because of virtual youtuber trend.

From April 6th to 12th, SHOWROOM vtuberしろねこ亭ねこすけ and ひぽー先生 will be on the electric billboard in front of Akihabara station. They got the privilege at an audition on SHOWROOM.

Also, in same place akihabara, 白乃クロミbecame an official mascot. しろねこ亭ねこすけ is also mascot and her life-sized cardboard cut-out will be at トレカの洞窟 秋葉原本店 from April 1st to June 30st,and 白乃クロミ’s life-sized cardboard cut-out will be at ウインクプレミアム秋葉原店 from April 1st to 30st.

In Shibuya, Yoshi Nanami was on electric billboard til 9th.

Check out their SHOWROOM channel below!

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