Lots of Chinese are concerned about virtual assets

“What will happen to my Alipay or wechat wallet’s balance when I die? How about QQ, gaming or taobao account?” That’s the main things Chinese concern these days.

In this digital era, all those things that we have on online, such as online banking balance, social media account or email address are our new “virtual assets” nowadays. So the question is how do we manage or process these virtual assets when someone is died in a reasonable way?

There is one guy who works at Beijing recently registered himself at “will bank” in case for emergency. Will bank is a place you can register your virtual assets for an emergency. You can add a person who will receive your virtual assets and also be able to leave a detailed steps how the person will receive the assets.

According to Chinese tradition, it is taboo to prepare funeral and a will, and even just talking about death is a bad luck so this movement is very unusual I would say.

Chinese will bank requires ID check, enter last word message, mental check, fingerprint, face recognition, record/film and judicial proceed and it will take up to two hours.

According to CEO of willbank, most of people who register this system is senior people, but more and more young people are interested in this interesting and new feature. The youngest person who registered is 18 years old.


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