Virtual diva Fuji Aoi show off her talent in her new cover album

Virtual youtuber Fuji Aoi is known as diva in virtual world and she is officially showing off her vocal talent in her new cover album “声 ~Cover ch.~” that released on April 15th. It has been only couple days since the album was released, but it’s ranked 1st on iTunes for the first time as a virtual youtuber.

Her youtube channel that started back in 2017 now reached more than 20k subscribers tells how people like her music contents.

Not only music contents, but she also does gaming contents like every other vtubers. People like the difference between cheerful and friendly vibe in gaming videos, but serious when it comes to her passion; music and singing.

As you can tell, she is specialized in singing and posting mainly cover songs and that made her videos go viral. She released her original song last year and that was in top 10, but not on #1 like this time.

Her voice is very clear and pure.. below is the video of all the songs in her new album. Check out!

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