First face revealing vtuber will debut on 20th

The place where produced Cafeno Zombiko which is at CafeSingularity ( technology cafe) is creating new kind of virtual youtuber named “Kamiyama Kanata” with her face reveal. They’ll do videos as both virtual character and real human. She explains that the reason why she reveal her face is to make us feel more “close” to the virtual world. Kamiyama Kanata works at the Cafe Singularity as a waitress so that makes us feel more of human vibes not just virtual already.

She’ll broadcast from the beginning process of creating a virtual character to the completed version, so we can see the actual process with creator’s perspective.

Who is Kamiyama Kanata?

  • Virtual youtuber but don’t have virtual body so I’ll show you all the process to make one
  • YouTube channel >> here
  • Twitter account >> here
  • Vtuber Post web page >> here

What is CafeSingularity?

CafeSingularity the I mentioned earlier is “adult playground” located in Ibaraki prefecture where we can go enjoy coffee and alcohol and experience technology at the same time. When you eat there, you can experience VR for free.

Official website >> here

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