SECOM: Virtual security

The biggest security company in Japan called “secom” announced that they are producing virtual security guy to prevent lack of workforce before spring in 2020.

This is a co-production of secom, AGC, DeNA, NTT docomo. This new invention of virtual security include image recognition technology and speech synthesis system using AI and 5G.

Display is made with mirror with technology which is an action recognition sensor and there is a security guy who is same height as average human in the screen. He’ll talk to us when someone enter the store naturally.

Secom  is considering to place this virtual security mainly at office lobby. Not only greet to people, but also he can recognize people if they’ve been here or not. If they’ve been to the office, he’ll call your name and greet, and if they’ve never been here, he’ll help them what they need. The whole point of this new technology is to replace human security to the virtual security.

In addition, he is capable to do more human behavior like these. If someone forget something, he’ll remind you not to forget your stuff. If someone is wearing helmet or face mask, he’ll ask the suspicious person to take it off. And if there’s kids, he’ll sit down and have an eye contact with them.

As you can see, the screen is made by mirror and the reason why is because it looks like this virtual character is blending into the scene. So by making this screen very realistic and 3D, people will think he is almost real human being and can prevent crime at the same time.

As I mentioned earlier, this project is co=production of 4 companies. Secom is specialized in security know-how, picture processing technology and remote supervision, AGC is in charge of mirror display technology, docomo is in charge of 5G network and voice recognition technology, and lastly character design and speech synthesis system is from DeNA.

The price is not yet open to the public, but secom mentioned that compare to human security, virtual security can reduce the cost to almost half.

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