Chokaigi 2019

Chokaigi is unique festival organized by Japan’s largest video social website “Niconico” its concept is to recreate Niconico’s virtual world in real life.
This annual event which has attracted 150K visitors each year since 2012 offers a wide variety of contents from Niconico, such as Japanese Tradition, Game, Anime, Music, Dance, Cosplay, Cooking, Railway, Politics and more!

The event was held on 27 and 28th in Chiba, Japan. There were so many booth, cosplayer and vtubers were in the event and the event looked successful. Every single booth has unique taste and looks very fun as you can see from the pictures below.

Of course, Hatsune Miku booth was very popular.

And at the  vtuber booth, vtubers did talkshow, concert and people can even have a private conversation with them.

Since Avengers’ new movie came out a week ago, avengers’ booth was very popular as well. There was full marvel character cosplayers!

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