Celebrating 8,000 vtubers!

UserLocal announced that there are more than 8,000 virtual youtubers are active in Japan as of May 4th. As you can see from the graph below, virtual youtubers are keep gaining more and more since March, 2018.

👑 Here’s the top 10 ranking 👑

1位:Kizuna Ai  2.5M (※Ai Game – 1.3M)
2位:Kaguya Luna  950K
3位:Mirai Akari  740K
4位:SHIRO  620K
5位:Nekomiya Hinata  500K
6位:Hime Hina  430K
7位:Gaming club project  420K
8位:Yomemi  370K
9位:Tsukino Mito  340K
10位:YuNi  270K

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