Virtual reporter youtuber talks about QR code payment

Xmoa is a virtual reporter / youtuber, started her channel at the beginning of this year and has almost 700 subscribers, mainly talks about trending topic in Japan. She talks like news reporter and feels like you’re actually watching new on tv. 

On her latest video, she talks about how Japan is struggling shift into credit card payment from cash. Japan is known as cash-loving culture and lots of places are still accepts only cash. Because of an era change, people are working on making changes about Japan’s payment system. 

During 10 days holiday called golden week in Japan that happened at the beginning of this month, some writer tried if he can “survive” without carrying credit cards. During his experiment, he only used cash and QR code payment. Long story short, he did survive because there are more and more stores are accepting QR code payment. The reason why many places are starting to accept QR code payment is because Japanese government will change the design of currency next year, so all the vending machine and payment system at the store have to renew everything and with QR code payment it is not necessary.

Another reason is because setting up QR code payment system is very affordable. Active user was less than 2 million people at the end of 2017, but it expanded to more than 5 million people at the year of 2018. And we’re guessing that QR payment user will be 18 million, which is almost 4 times more than the number at 2018. 

However disadvantage is that the network. If the users” signal is bad or system is not working for some reason, app won’t work and people will not be able to process the payment.

There are more things for business people to fix in order for people to use the new technology, but this QR code payment could help Japan’s new cash-free culture.

Check out Xmos’a video below!


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