Virtual influencer meets human model for Calvin Klein PR

The first and most popular virtual talent / influencer Lil Miquela posted a video with the model Bella Hadid with hashtag #MYTRUTH #MYCALVINS. This is the most recent campaign from Calvin Klein and the campaign’s goal was to capture the essence of individuality and expression.

First of all, which one’s robot? Do you see virtual character? cuz I don’t… she looks so real.. I mean her movement, eye contact, the way she kisses, everything looks so smooth and real.

In the video, you see Bella standing with CK outfit and then the shadow of Lil Miquela. She continues with “Creating new dreams that you never knew could exist,” before the two share a long kiss. Some people are accusing Calvin Klein of “queer-bating.” Queer-baiting refers to the marketing technique in which creators use queer sexuality in a teasing surface level way rather than embracing it to get attention and make money.

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