Only virtual clark shop is now open in Tokyo

From May 26th, virtual character tee shirt pop up store will be open with no actual store clark in street fashion town Harajuku, Tokyo.

There will be only virtual store clark at the store, which I’ve never heard of before, so it is very interesting to see how it goes. I believe that it is not only new, but also very futuristic. If this goes well, maybe ther will be more store that only have virtual clark. This virtual trend including virtual youtuber, instagrammer and talents is going nowhere but up for sure.

In the store, 8 designer that involve with virtual industry will presents each unique tee shirt, which only you can find at the store during the pop-up.

The 8 designers will turn into virtual character and you can even have a conversation with them through screen. Payment system is also very unique. There will be a box right in front of virtual clark, and customers will pay cash by themselves. Each price is 3,000 yen.

Check out 8 different tee shirt design below!

Name of the store is Harajuku PARK, located 10 minutes from Harajuku station. If you’re in Japan, check this brand new virtual pop up store out!

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