Weekly Vtuber Ranking【5/20-5/26】-engagement-

Welcome to weekly vtuber engagement ranking. We’ll introduce vtuber ranking top 10 by looking at engagement percentage. Let’s take a look at top 10 engagement ranking from May 20th to 26th. In this week, brand new vtuber is ranked in, guess who?

#10 Matsuri Hinako

Engagement percentage: 277.40%

Date published: 5/23/2019

#9 Maki Michiru

Engagement percentage: 277.60%

Date published: 5/23/2019

#8 Noa Nikaido

Engagement percentage:  425.80%

Date published: 5/23/2019

#7 Yuki Oto (Oto Channel)

Engagement percentage: 524.20%

Date published: 5/20/2019


Engagement percentage:  570.50%

Date published: 5/21/2019


Engagement percentage:  579.40%

Date published: 5/25/2019

#4 Ex Albio

Engagement percentage: 688.60%

Date published: 5/21/2019

👑#3 Levi Elipha

Engagement percentage:751.20%

Date published: 5/21/2019

👑👑#2 Alice Hinomoto

Engagement percentage: 804.30%

Date published: 5/22/2019

#1 Porygon Channel

Engagement percentage: 1062.80%

Date published: 5/26/2019



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